If you are interested in combat robotics and don’t know where to start so that you too can be waiting on parts, these links may be of assistance.


Control Electronics (RC transmitters and receivers)

Components and other vendors of use to bot building

  • Fingertech power switch
  • Team Whyachi products – gearboxes and main switches
  • Robot Power – Electronic Speed Controls
  • Max Amps Batteries
  • Castle – sponsors Skorpios. Motors, ESCs, and so on.
  • SendCutSend – laser cutting service. sponsors everyone and everything.
  • CNC Madness mainly focuses on machined carbon fiber, but will do wood and metal
  • Amp Flow – Motors, non-RC-style motor controllers, power supplies, gear motors
  • AndyMark develops, manufactures, and distributes mechanical and electrical parts for the mobile and competitive robotics market, with a focus on robotics education.
  • Gens Tattu – batteries
  • Pololu – They make stuff and sell stuff
  • Rev Robotics – Focuses on FIRST
  • Robot Marketplace
  • SuperDroid Robots
  • Don’t forget that for the most part combat robots are just RC cars with a knife taped on the front, so the RC hobby shops, including the national chains/franchises, are an option
  • Endbots – Belts, Pulleys, Connectors, Switches, Electronics, Hardware, Motors, Kits, Tools, and Wheels
  • BaneBots – Gearboxes mostly
  • Active Robots
  • Servo City
  • Fairloc pulleys were mentioned by whatshisname from bloodsport.
  • Xometry is actually a broker / agent for other companies.
  • Big Blue Saw – laser and water jet cutting
  • Run Cam FPV Cameras
  • Moore’s Ideal Products – Recommended by Dominic Yadefinitelynotspellingthatcorrectly from Team Already Broke
  • Robot Shop sells a wide variety of bot-building parts.
  • ItGresa carries pretty much everything that is needed. Based out of Georgia, so effectively 2-day shipping to me, even via ground.
  • Palm Beach Bots is in Palm Beach, Florida. I had stumbled across this one long ago, but managed to not add it to the list.
  • sells more than just the D2 kit.
  • Robot Matter will help you finish your beetle.
  • Robots Ruined My Life has all your favorite shirts and other merch.

Teams and Builders

Events, Venues, and Competitions

Design & Rules

Blogs, Podcasts, Videos

  • Behind the Bots
  • The Robocast
  • I’m sure there are others