Random Update

One major thing I learned from the Jolt! kit is that that I need a 3d printer for those side panels. So, I bought one. It’s an Anycubic somethingorother with a direct drive extruder. At $250 for what is effectively a turnkey device, I couldn’t resist. I want a tool for my hobbies, not a hobby unto itself, which was a big deciding factor.

I also “splurged” on the $100/yr personal use version of Solidworks, as its ability to keep files stored locally rather than in the cloud is a big plus in 5×1 Mbps DSL territory. The cloud-based features included are actually useful. Though they don’t allow the use of plugins with the personal use version, they give you quite a bit out of the box. This whole deal is on part with ESRI’s ArcGis for Personal Use program. They give you almost everything for a pittance.

BattleBots is taping, y’all

No, I won’t be able to fly out to Vegas to see a taping, but keeping track of all the happenings on various discords, and twitter, and that other hellsite is almost a chore.