No longer waiting on: spare parts

Probably should have bought a few random spares when I bought the kit, but it is what it is. Not that it would have mattered at the event. I was in the losers bracket when the left drive ESC failed. The rest of the bot was mostly fine. So, anyways, I have a spare for pretty much everything.

I have also purchased smaller batteries and a smaller receiver. This should drop a little weight and allow me to use a slightly larger weapon motor ESC, or perhaps switch to the big scorpion xl esc for drive, or both. I cannot use the scorpion mini with the Jolt! kit motors. They spike above the shutoff point on the scorpion minis. No matter, bought a handful of the jolt ESCs.

Spares for the jolt gear motors will be the big pile of slower botkits gear motors that are impossible to solder. They are taking up space in the parts box, so may as well use them. I can actually use the scorpion mini with those.

The 850mAh batteries may be overkill. While not a 100% real world comparison, I was able to have all the motors spinning for well over ten minutes on an 850mAh battery, and it still had life left after that. Looks like a single charge may be good for two or three fights. In that case, I’m going to see what happens on a 450mAh battery.

To buy: spare weapon motor and esc, though I may have a suitable motor already.