Waiting On Parts - Supply Chain Issues

Supply Chain Issues

Okay, so Bad Memories didn't work out. I started work on a new design, originally called Sad Realization (that bad memories wouldn't work), but then decided I should maybe keep the name on-theme with the team name. So, it is now called Supply Chain Issues.

It's still a horizontal, and still using Missing Sectors as the weapon. There will also be an alternate spinner that is definitely worthy of the previous name of this team.

As of 17:45 on 5/13/2022, I am Waiting On Parts from SendCutSend, FingerTech, and Grainger. By this time next week I should have something that can at least drive around the house. May need one more order from SendCutSend to get the weapon working, but I think I have enough raw material to make it work.