Random Update

One major thing I learned from the Jolt! kit is that that I need a 3d printer for those side panels. So, I bought one. It’s an Anycubic somethingorother with a direct drive extruder. At $250 for what is effectively a turnkey device, I couldn’t resist. I want a tool for my hobbies, not a … Read more

No longer waiting on: spare parts

Probably should have bought a few random spares when I bought the kit, but it is what it is. Not that it would have mattered at the event. I was in the losers bracket when the left drive ESC failed. The rest of the bot was mostly fine. So, anyways, I have a spare for … Read more

InnerSpace Tap Room Tapout #9

Short summary. I didn’t finish the original bot. Was going to show up with no active weapon but my Jolt! kit arrived early. I used that instead. I went 1 and 2. My bot is bouncy. Driving is hard. The belt likes to fly off. Completely ripping off the weapon in my first fight probably … Read more

No, that was something completely different

So I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish Supply Chain Issues in time, so I ordered a Jolt! kit from Absolute Chaos Robotics so that I could at least have something working in time… assuming the kit ships in time. So I’m over on the Norwalk Discord and then: Wait, I did what … Read more

Open items for Supply Chain Issues

Bore out the weapon mounts for the bearings Turn the weapon shaft Modify weapon pulley as needed Mount weapon motor Build weapon assembly and load onto weapon shaft Mount weapon assembly to frame Order from SendCutSend Lighter frame panels Thrust washers Order spare drive ESC Order spare weapon ESC Finally assembly Hope you don’t have … Read more

We’re all Team Waiting On Parts

With the event three weeks away and facing potentially iterating with two more SendCutSend orders, I punted and bought a kit. So of course the kit vendor sent me a note this morning saying shipping would be delayed about week as he is waiting on parts.

Supply Chain Issues

At this point, I still don’t know whether or not I will be able to make weight. I’m not looking forward to dropping another wad of cash at SendCutSend, but ultimately it’s cheaper than buying small pieces of aluminum from the usual sources. I managed to drop quite a bit of weight by going from … Read more

A switch to WordPress

Oh look, actual content. I’m switching to WordPress because I have to support WordPress at the day job. Besides, it’s not like I was making much headway on that project.